Photograph of the Who Am I? Game

Google WebRTC Project

magneticNorth appointed by Google for San Francisco showcase brief

  • One of the first companies in the world to play with WebRTC technology
  • Showcased project at Google I/O conference in San Francisco

magneticNorth were appointed by Google to create a WebRTC project that was showcased at the global Google I/O conference that took place in San Francisco from June 27th–29th, 2012.

magneticNorth were approached by Google in March about developing a project that showcases the capabilities of the new WebRTC technology – a technology that allows for real time communications such as web chats to take place without a computer needing any installations or plugins. Members of the mN team were then invited to attend a WebRTC Protothon event in Stockholm to develop ideas. The final “Who Am I?” project was then demonstrated at the I/O conference in June.

‘Who Am I?’ is a new digital take on an old party game, using WebRTC for real-time audio, video and data communication.

To begin the game you can invite an opponent to play and then choose a mystery celebrity identity for each other. The aim is to guess who YOU are before your opponent guesses who THEY are – taking turns asking a yes/no question about your mystery identity.

The game was demonstrated to the thousands of developers who came from all over the world to attend the conference, which showcased the latest web, mobile and social breakthroughs.

Creative Director Adam Todd and Technical Director Sanjeev Shewhorak attended the conference to demo the project.

About WebRTC

WebRTC implements open standards for real-time, plugin video, audio and data communication. For more information see

  • "I have to thank Google for setting us the challenge of this project. It's not often you get the chance to work with such new technology and so closely with the people who are releasing it. Our hope is that people find our game fun but more importantly are inspired to go make something themselves with WebRTC and the other open projects we have used. We also look forward to developing our relationship with Google.”

    Adam Todd, Creative Director, magneticNorth (mN)

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